Hi! My name is Kelly Fitz-Patrick and I love any and everything to do with cooking and home design. My goal is to share real food recipes! Knowing where food comes from, what’s in it, and how it was raised, was the start of my journey for this platform. Having that knowledge creates a positive and powerful environment when it comes to food.


In 2013 I did my first Whole30. I really started to learn that what you put in your body affects your moods, your skin, how your stomach feels, basically everything! Even though I thought I was “eating clean”, I really wasn’t. What a difference 30 days can make in your life! As of January 2018, I will have completed 5 Whole30’s and I have created some tasty recipes in my journey.


Mixing great food with great decor=happy Kelly. I am one of those people that gets so excited shopping for kitchen utensils, cutting boards, and knives. I love looking at kitchen remodels, counter tops, and flooring for inspiration of my own.  There is nothing like a DIY project for the home. From building a reclaimed dry bar, to making cutting boards, to a built in bench seat with a wood wall. I love that feeling of knowing that I was able to build that! KellyFitzDesigns is about what I love to do and I hope you enjoy following along!